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Three Months Gone.
It has been essentially 3 months since I last blogged.

I apologize to you all for that. Especially to those of you who emailed or commented to say something about the last post, and how you'd be watching my blog. You probably all gave up. It's OK. I am aware any audience I ever had has dried up.

I will just blog a little that's been on my mind.

I tell you, It has been a most eventful three months in my life.

Shortly after that last post, I took time off work and Julia and I drove back down and I saw my Grandpa again. He'd started seeming in much better condition, and we harbored dark, unspoken hopes that he'd pull through. I think everyone does that in the end. He did not pull through. Less than 4 days after I saw him, I was called and told he had died.

Of course there was the funeral and all that stuff. The night before he was buried, there was a Viewing. We attended, but neither I, nor my sister Kat could bring ourselves to go see him. A lot of people said "you'll regret not saying goodbye one last time." I don't think I will. I have said good-bye in my heart, and did not feel an overwhelming desire to tell it to the body he once inhabited.

I don't want the last memory I had of him to be him lying in a coffin. Instead, I choose to remember something else.

Just a scant few days before he was put in the hospital for the last time, my grandpa snuck out of the house, climbed himself in his pickup truck, and drove around his beloved farm one last time. In my mind, I will always picture him, with a big smile on his face, driving around that place he loved, lost, and then regained.

In truth, the last place I saw him was lying in a hospital bed, saying goodbye to him for the last time. Telling him I loved him, and having him tell me the same back. But to me, his last moment was riding around on his farm. And I thank God so much that he was given the strength, in his last days, to take that trip, alone.

Before he died, he became a Christian...Something he'd really been unable to do all his life. He became a changed man, in a way, much more patient and calm. He came to peace with his own death, something he'd never been able to do. If it helped him, I'm glad he found it. I only hope I can one day come to terms with what I believe...because right now, I honestly don't know WHAT I believe.

Shortly after Grandpa was buried, and life returned to it's routine, our daughter, Cookie, came back to us. She'd spent most of the summer in Florida with her grandma. I only wish She'd been able to see Grandpa B. one last time. He adored her, and asked about her so much when we went to see him at the hospital.

Shortly after Cookie got back, we enrolled her in a Math tutoring program at Sylvan Learning Center. Last year was extremely difficult for her, and Math was especially tough. It was so important to us that such a smart girl not start thinking of herself as stupid, or unable to do Math. So she went to a school, of sorts, during the summer, and worked her tail off. She is now bringing home amazing grades. She has worked so hard to get herself to this level, and I am exceedingly proud of her. I have no doubt in my mind that if she decides she wants to make straight A's, she'll be able to.

There is no gift that could be given to me greater than seeing her proud of herself for her accomplishments. She is an extremely capable child, who was being hurt because she'd gone from a Rural Florida school, that was behind, to an accelerated, tough, Rich Neighborhood Atlanta (East Cobb) school, that is 2 grade years ahead. She had some trouble getting herself settled, and keeping up with a school that was much more accelerated than what she was used to. But she hasn't given up, (despite crying that she wanted to, several times) and her hard work has finally started paying off. I'm proud of her, more than I can explain. Not because of her grades, but because of how much she's done.

Her other big thing right now is her Ice Skating. After seeing a movie on the Disney Channel called "Go Figure," about Ice Skating, she decided she wanted to learn. Cookie had done some roller blading, but was never really skilled at it, nor particularly interested in doing it that much, so we were a little nervous to take her to an ice-rink. She also is a very nervous and almost paranoid child, and oftentimes shrinks from a challenge if she's at all scared.

But when she got to the Ice Skating rink, she put on her rented boots, and nervously walked out on the ice. She held onto the wall for a long time, and, according to Julia, was kinda scared of the whole thing. But she eventually got out, and started moving around. And it was like watching a flower bloom. She took to it extremely quickly, and was doing little spins her first day on the ice.

We put her in lessons, where she has accelerated quickly. Her first day they moved her from Level 1 to Level 2. She has been asked to take an early test to see if maybe they could move her to Level 3 or 4. Her only problem is her impatience to learning. She wants to do everything, every spin, every jump, every move, NOW! But she's doing extremely well, and has even been approached to start private lessons, and to enter a competition!

Again, I say, I'm so proud of this kid, you won't believe it!

On another front, we, as a family, have started attending, This Church. I won't go into the whys of it, but it has been very helpful for us, and we have found a beautiful and wonderful home. Everyone there is incredible, and none of the problems I've ever had with church have been a problem here. That said, I still have an incredible problem accepting the notion of "knowing" or "believing" in God, so there are hurdles for me. But I'm trying, y'all. I'm trying real hard to figure out what I really believe. Because I know that my initial gut reaction of dismissing the whole thing just because of some unfortunate people and events who cloak themselves in the name of "God" is misguided as people who blindly accept faith, as misguided as those who blindly reject it.

I'm trying to take the blinders off. It's not easy.

In another story, my sister, Kat, just moved back to Atlanta from England. I won't go into it, but apparently, this is a bad thing for her. I would never want to tell her "ehh, go back to England." But I think right now, she has a hard decision to make, and if that's what she decides, I will be excited and happy for her, and will support her however I can.

My other sister, Beth, is working on the Senate Judiciary Committee. If you'd watched the John Roberts nomination hearings, you might have seen her, sitting beind Arlen Specter.

This past weekend, we went to my Grandma Stewart's 80th birthday party, and at it, there was a photo montage of her life, set to music. Take the sequence of events up above, tie it with an episode of Six Feet Under and it comes full circle:

We tie it all back around...

All of the events of the last few months have shown me that there is one universal truth. This is nothing new, or profound, or anything that isn't completely self-evident. But that truth is that all of us, each and every one of us have one tremendous and huge thing in common. There isn't a person in the history of humanity who has avoided this, and I scarcely believe there will ever be one. That truth is that we are all going to die. Everyone. Me, you, and everyone you know. It's probably the ONLY thing we all share, is that we are all on our own roads to the same destination.

I say this not to be dark, for in fact, to me, this acceptance of this reality has almost been freeing. It's something I've avoided for my entire life...thinking about it. And I'm no where NEAR the point that I am happy about it. But understanding that this is the destination. That while we don't KNOW (in a testable and provable way) what lies 2 seconds after our death, we DO unavoidably know that it is going to happen.

You could look at each night, then, and say "Well, I have one less day to live now." You could be come cynical about it, and you'd be technically right. But you can also look at each morning and think "I have been given one more day, it is a gift, and I must enjoy it." And that's what I choose.

Last night, Julia and I watched the Final Episode of Six Feet Under. I don't mean to pretend that there is any revelation in a stupid TV Show (though, I don't see any reason why revelation from fiction should be fact it's the best way we have found to relate revelations) But the final episode dealt with the journey of life, and where it ends...

I know that in the future, of me, and of my loved ones, lie a bunch of changes, a bunch of births, marriages, graduations, heartbreaks, excitement, happiness, sadness, and death. I don't know which of these I'll be alive to see. But it's a road that is laid out in front of us all, and (barring an extinction event) the road stretches for miles and miles. There are so many things to do and to see on that road. We have all done and seen so many things. But we're all on that same Journey.

Isn't it great to know where the journey is going? This is the one gift we have. We don't know when it will end, but we do know where it's going.

I pray that I live to see Julia and I have more children, and to see Cookie, and any other kids, grow up. To be learn, to grow, to go off and leave us, to get married, and to have their own kids. But right now I'm standing, looking down that road...looking back at the road that's behind me.

And I can say. Right now, in this one spot...I am happy.

And as I think about the turning points that I've seen in the last three months. A death. A child learning she has potential when she'd started to believe she didn't. A woman in love leaving that love to return to a situation she dreads. A woman starting a career in politics, and working on the hill, with her new career. A woman looking back on her long life, and the people she affected, and the family she built, and the tremendous ripples that one little 80 year old woman was able to create...

It's made me realize that there's a long, and changing, road. We don't know what's ahead of us. We don't know which paths or courses to take. So all we can do is close our eyes, breathe, and take the next step.

I have no made no profound comments here. I don't pretend to. I haven't said anything that hasn't been said BILLIONS of times before.

But this is the first time I've realized it's important to me.

And so I'll say, what in ALL these thousands of words I've been trying to say:
I am happy. And I can't wait to see what life has next...

Stay tuned...

(I am posting this without rereading or editing. I'll just let it stand as I wrote it. If it made no fucking sense, I'm sorry.)


Coming up with a title for this blog post is impossible...
Yesterday, I went and saw my Grandpa B. If I was a gambling man, I'd say it's the last time I'll ever see him, though I could be wrong.

Early when I started this Blog, I discussed him. The post is here.

In December of 2003, I predicted he wouldn't be around much longer.

In that blog post I said:
I hope he can hold on until after the wedding. Not so he can go. (Because he won't...he wouldn't have if he was strong as an ox...he just doesn't like that kinda thing). But so I can have Julia there when it[his passing] does happen.

I just wanted him alive until after the wedding. He bested me by a year. In 4 days Julia and I will have been married for 1 year.

But it won't be much longer. Monday night I got a call that "they" (Still not sure who "they" is in this case) have decided to take him off dialysis. Without it, he won't live for long. So Monday night we went to my parents' house, then drove down to the hospital Tuesday morning so that we could see him. Maybe for the last time.

I simply cannot put into words how much my heart aches for him. On one hand, yesterday he seemed alive and fine. He was joking, laughing, and alert. It seems not right for him to go when he's still so "there."

On the other hand, he's had a 2 year stretch that's been so awful and painful I cannot imagine it. Part of me hopes he'll stop suffering soon.

In my quote above, I said I wanted Julia to be around when he died, because I couldn't do it without her. I cannot tell you how wonderful she has been to me during this. She ran out of work monday afternoon. She packed everything up, and got me out the door to start our trek down to see him. She held me when I cried, and held my hand while I was in the room with him, fighting my tears so I wouldn't bring everyone down.

I love my grandpa B. more than I'll ever be able to express. A very big part of who I am is because of him, and I will always cherish the time we had together. I hate that life requires death, and that I must learn to let go of one of the most important people in my life. And I'm not ready to let go.

But it's out of my hands, and all I can do is sit and wait, and hope that whatever happens to him, he will be in comfort.

I love you, Grandpa B. I will always carry a part of you in my heart, but I'll never stop missing you.


I read the news today, oh boy...
Wow. I dunno what to say.

I found out this morning that Mitch Hedberg passed away Wednesday night. I'm not really sure what I could say. I'll just post a slightly edited copy of the email I wrote when I found out.

Wow. I'm stunned.

I am a huge fan of his. I've seen him live probably 5 times. I've brought my two of my best friends, andy and robbie, my wife, my mom, two of my uncles, and I dunno how many others into the "mitch" umbrella. People who hadn't heard of him, I made it my mission to introduce them.

The third time Julia and I spent time together, when we were still long distance, we drove down to Miami with my brother (who is also a fan) and caught his show. I loved him, and laughed heartily...but I knew something was wrong. It was august in Miami and he was wearing layers.

I knew there was something wrong with him then, but didn't know how profound his problem was until right now.


This is like my pope dying.

I wonder if he and Lynn were still together.(Ed. I have since found out they were) They made a great couple, and were each other's biggest fans. But you don't die from heroin use without alienating a lot of people.

She adored him, and I am sure, even if they weren't still together, that she's devastated by this now.

I know I am.

Two touching tributes I've found to him online, by fellow comedians:
Doug Stanhope (Yeah, yeah, I know)
Josh Sneed (You have to click "Road Diary" then click "Mitch Hedberg." I tried to direct link, but it didn't work)

Doug talks about how Mitch lived, and Josh talks about what a hell of a guy he was.

My heart is heavy today. It's April Fool's day, but this year, we seem to have lost one of the best "fools" we ever had.


Wah Wah Wah, I lost my fish today.
God dammit. Does anyone who reads this thing (which pretty much limits this question to about 4 people, I think) know ANYTHING about caring for Betta Fishes? Because for Valentines Day I bought Cookie a bowl, and all the required stuff for a Betta. Then we bought one.

And 2 weeks later, he died.

So, OK, we'll buy another one. 2 weeks later he died.

So we got the third fish, Walter, and he seemed like he was gonna make it. He passed the 2 week mark with flying colors. Then died 2 days later.

MOTHERFUCKER! And I warned him that if he died I was gonna kill him, but he did not listen. So yeah, I think at this point buying anymore fishes would pretty much be counted as pescacide, so we now just have an empty bowl. Damn bastard fish dying.

On another note...after 9 months of marriage...of struggling with finances, and learning how to be adults, Julia and I, FINALLY, are going on our honeymoon! Uncle Sam gave us a nice refund check, my mom offered to watch Cookie for spring break, and our airline told us if we didn't fly before april 12th we lost our tickets...So everything came together, and we are GOING! I'm SO happy about this, because, REALLY, we need this. Julia and I are a great team. We get along good, and consider each other in all our choices. There is no friction between us. But it has been 9 months of all work and little rest, and god-dammit, it's been too long to not have a "honeymoon."

Right on!
Also, I was thinking today about how much sometimes lying is not only tolerated, but EXPECTED.

Example: Two people go out on a date, it goes smashingly, they're both really into each other, and they both wanna make with the nasty.

They are about to part for the evening, and one has decided to make a move.

This person has two choices...

A) "Wanna go back to my place for some coffee?"
B) "Wanna go back to my place and fuck?"

Now. If (s)he asks A, the question is somewhat dishonest. This person has NO INTEREST in drinking coffee right now. (s)he wants to get laid.

Secondarily, the answer to question A, would honestly be "No." The HONEST answer to question B would be "yes" because in this hypothetical, we have established that nobody wants coffee, both want sex.

So the person will ask question A. But EVERYONE involved knows that the questioned being asked is "Do you want to go fuck?" And when the answer "Yes" is given, everyone knows that the person has no interest in coffee and is ACTUALLY answering "Do you want to go fuck?"

Now. Let's stay with this situation. Aside from some sexually up-front, and non-repressed people (Let's, for this example, assume both parties are as repressed as the median American.) Let's ASSUME that the person, instead of asking A, asks B.

"Wanna go back to my place and fuck?" At this point, this person has been completely honest regarding his/her intentions. However...the bluntness of the question will cause the other person to reel back, changing the answer to "No." Now, the second person has no INTEREST in sex, because the question was put forward honestly.

If you didn't keep up, don't worry. I don't think I expressed that idea clearly at all.

But I kindof find myself in a similar situation, where speaking honestly would be considered rude and might cause me to miss out.

A co-worker, a couple of months back, offered me her car. She's had a little Nissan for years, and she's ready to rid herself of it. I need to sell my car so I won't have a payment anymore, but have been reluctant to do so, because I still need transportation. If I got a free car, all my dreams would be answered, because I could sell my car, get out of debt, and would still have basic transportation for getting around.

However, she said this at lunch one day, and hasn't brought it up since...maybe she forgot she even said it. She said she couldn't give it for at least a few months, til her husband's business takes off (which, uhh, could be a problem, if it doesn't take off!)

So what position does this put me in. I have two options. I could ask her either:
A) "So, hey, when you gonna give me that free car!?!"
B) "So are you still looking to sell your Nissan?"

Now, I will ask question B...because A makes me look needy and selfish and greedy. These will definitely make less eager to give me her car. However, when I ask her question B, I want her to INTERPRET it as question A. I am hoping that when she hears the question she'll say "Oh, yeah, well, I'll be happy to give it to you." (Note: We're not talking a new mercedes benz. The car's not worth a WHOLE lot to begin with, and she'd rather give it to someone who needs it than sell it. And I NEED to be out of debt). I want her to interpret my question as "Can I have a free car?" but I know if I said that, it'd seem rude and obnoxious. So we have to go with being disingenuous. Whatever, as long as I get a free ride.


Sexy Sleep
Hell yes, I am BACK. As if I'm talking to anyone but myself.

Anyway, here is the news since you've been on the moon:

Julia and I are FINALLY going on our honeymoon!!! :) Almost a year after the wedding, and we're finally getting it done. I'm so excited, though. We've been good and patient, and finally everything came together in such a way that if we didn't go, we'd be an retarded.

So, yay! We're going to Vegas, and I simply can't wait to have a week alone with my angel.

Also, Julia and I bought our own bedroom suit! It put the sexy in "OH my fucking christ, what a sexy bedroom suit!" And we DID break my rule about never ever not ever going into debt...but...well, we need it! Plus, we can write a check to pay for it if we wanted to, but it's free money until Jan 2007, so I think I'm gonna put the same amount of money in a CD until that day, and leave it there, then pay the thing off with one check, and take the interest to go do someething fun.

Also, I hate bats. The furry kind, not the baseball kind.

I'll see if I can take some pictures of our sexy bedroom and put it online for you to gawk at and wish you was me.


We don't need no water, let the motherfucker burn...
Wow haven't blogged in a LONG ass time. I'm not about to say that'll change.

But last night is, I suppose, on some level, blogworthy.

Last night, the idiot whore who lives upstairs from us caught her apartment on fire. Now, people set fires all the time, and they don't deserve to be called idiots. This one does.

She spilled some spoiled milk all over her kithen (Which is just a lovely thought...especially since this whore leaves her trash outside on her fucking porch, where we get to breathe it in all the time...the whore is just nasty) and to clean up the smell (I'd have used fabreze, but that's not a danger to my neighbors, so I can see why she didn't.) She lit a stick of insense. Hey ya know, I don't smoke pot or believe in the ju-ju gods, but I guess there's a good excuse for insense. I bought some once, thinking I'd start burning it...until I realized it all smelled like cheap purfume until you burn it, where it then smells like smoke and cheap purfume. BUT again, who am I to judge. And since whoring yourself around apparently don't pay like it should, she couldn't afford one of them nifty five dollar insence holder things. So she stuck it. In the pot of a plant she had nearby. And I'm not sure, but I THINK she said it was a fake plant. SO, we're batting a thousand here.

She then decides to let this keep burning while she goes to pick up her kid at her mom's house. Hilarity ensues.

So I get home around, I dunno, 6ish last night and see a fire truck in my parking space. Most the time firetruck=someone had a heart attack, so I figured a neighbor had some kind of medical event. I looked to make sure Julia and the neighbor I don't hate weren't home, and they weren't so I figured, "Cool, nobody I like died." Then I notice that the whorebag's carpet is all pulled out onto the front porch of her house and dripping wet. Uh oh, things start to seem bad.

Look, long story short, our apartment was flooded with the water used to put out her damn burning plastic tree...which happily went on to burn her couch, rug, and other asorted goodies. Unfortuantely, it didn't burn her. And unfortunately for the apartment managment, it didn't burn the dildo she left laying around her bedroom. God's honest truth.

We spent the night in a hotel, and are leaving tonight for Columbus. Our stuff is mostly ok...a few wet things aside. But it's a horrible nightmare.

In the end though, it could have been much, much worse, and in a week, this will be forever behind us.

I am just so glad that nobody I love was hurt. It's these stories that remind you how random and stupid life is. Especially when a whore is your upstairs neighbor.

She's moving out though :)


Fleece Nabidad
Christmas is almost here! Tonight we go to the airPORT to pickup Julia's mama and her 2 nephews. Julia's mom will be here over half a month! WOO HOO! I hope I get some GOOD EATIN'!

Anyway, this year we have a beautiful 7' tall christmas tree :) Last year, Julia and Cookie spent some christmas time in my apartment with me, so I went out and bought a small tree for us to put up and decorate. It was a tiny thing, but we loved it, and dressed it up beautiful. This year, though, we got more decorations, and since Julia and Cookie and I all live together, a tiny tree seemed inappropriate, so I went and bought a big one. And the cool thing? I got it at Kroger for half what I woulda paid at a damn tree lot. Dude, I'm sorry, I'm not paying 70 bucks for a damn bush to put in my living room.
Yesterday, while Julia was working at her restaurant, a class of special ed kids came in to the restaurant for lunch. They were learning how to behave in public, and how to order food, and pay, and whatnot.

So she was telling me about them, and was smiling and laughing, and was telling me about the interactions she had with them, and it just warmed my heart. You just won't meet a woman as kind, caring and patient as Julia anywhere else. She's just so tolerent and so giving of herself. Just to hear her talk, and to hear how good she was with thise

Years ago, my sister Beth, who is a type A person to the max, said she hopes that she never has a mentally handicapped child, because she just doesn't think she would have any patience with it, and would be a terrible mother. When she said that, I thought the exact same thing, I was like, "Yeah, how could I put up with someone like slow and frustrating to deal with."

But when I looked at Julia talking and thought about, what if tht happened to us, I realized that ONLY through her strength and unashamed love, I could make it fine in a situation like that. If, god forbid, that ever happens to us, I know we'd be ok, and I know I'd learn to be a good father, because that woman gives me more strength and confidence and peace at heart than I've ever known.

Of course, I still understand why SOME people (*cough*rob*cough*) would, as he delicately put it "Want to throw it away." but Julia helps me see the other side of things.

Of course, I should point out, Julia may be kind loving and caring, but also, this bitch she works with got an earful about her self because she's a passive-agressive twat, and Julia let her know. That's another thing about Julia...she's kind and patient to those who deserve it. But if you're a jerk, she's gonna let you know...and probably make you cry when she does.

On another tangent, somebody broke into my pay-pal account and stole 1200 bucks from me trying to buy a PlayStation Portable from a guy in Japan. He was a Russian. I KNEW those bitches were dangerous. Anyway, I headed it off by being broke, therefore when paypal tried to debit my checking account it bounced. HA! and I emailed the japanese seller (who was also a victim in this) and told him not to ship the item (he was given a Russian mailing address!) because of the fraud. So the russian guy in the end ends up with nothing. Except I'm thinking of mailing him some tupperware full of shit.

Merry Christmas Everybody. The Internet sucks.


Almost 2 Months?
Almost been 2 months since I last posted :( I'm sorry I suck at blogging.

So, Anyway...

Everything is going very well. Julia and I are doing a fairly good job of adjusting to the married life. We haven't even thrown stuff at each other yet(Except for the basketball when we decide to go play a wicked game of hoops[and if you think I'm serious you suck]} so I think that's a good thing.

We saw Spongebob's movie this weekend and I was sorely disappointed. I was like, hating it big-time, but was worried because Julia was laughing at stuff and smiling, so I thought "Well, shit maybe I'm just being a wet blanket." But then she leaned over to me and said "Is it just me or does this movie suck balls?" I was so relieved to know that she also thought it sucked...

Because, you know, I'd hate to have to divorce her over liking a silly movie, but for that movie, I might have considered it.

On the other hand, we both really liked the Incredibles. God I wish I had the super power of flight. And super stretchy body parts would be fun the right situations.

Also, I have started to smoking a pipe!!! Not very often...and only after Julia has gone to sleep and I'm bored. Like maybe once every week or two, at the most. I dig it, though, because cigarettes are gross and kinda crass, unless you're Humphry Bogart Or Robert Mitchum. And Cigars are crude (and taste like hate in the morning)

But, those are cool. And, if you get a real good bowl going, and really keep the puffing steady, you can get quite a nice little buzz. Kindof a giddy light-headedness. I dig it.

Plus, pipes are distinguished.


Anyway, I'm not about to say I'll start posting here more, cause I suck, and I won't. But yeah, all in all life is going pretty good, and that is quite a wonderful thing indeed :)


Who the fuck is Kent?
So, like, yesterday we'd been married 3 months. everything is going very well indeed. Julia and I went to "our place" last night and talked for a long time about how we're doing and so forth. It's moments like that that make me remember why I fell in love with her. We just can talk so easily, and at such length, and we can talk about our feelings and our anxieties and worries without getting upset or hurting feelings, and we can talk about anything :) She really is my best friend, and greatest ally.

Remember that show Kate and Ally, that shit was awesome.

Anyway, another great thing about being married to Julia is how much I love her family (most of them, at least, LOL) her mom and grandma are in town for 10 days, and that is great news. Heh, I love to have my mother-in-law cool is that? Julia's mom is looking real good and happy, which is good news for me because she's had a hard go of it lately, and I think she's still hurting, but I know she's glad to be with us and with cookie and to leave all that behind.

Plus, oh Lord when Juana and Abuela (Julia's mom and Grandma, respectively) get together there is one thing they do at LENGTH, and that is cook, and OOOH Boy and I the benneficiary to THAT. These women can cook, jack, and I am very very happy to eat just about anything they throw at me.

Oh man, Julia, I'd been meaning to tell you, I feel so bad. I don't really LIKE Mexican Creama. I thought I did the first time or two I ate it, but now I just prefer regular old spoon it out honkey sour cream, so, like, I feel bad cause your mom bought it just for me, and it's expensive...but, ehh, it's not my favorite :P

Anyway, Julia is a really good cook, and she's getting better all the time, even if she doesn't think so (you are, and I swear, those fajitas you made that one time were every bit as good as your mom or abuella had ever made) but Julia is a hard working woman, and doesn't have time (nor do we have the money) for real exotic and elaborate cooking. But Juana and Abuella consider it a second job, and seem to enjoy it. I'm not sure if they enjoy it, or if they've just been doing it so much for so long that it's like a habbit and they feel wrong if they're not...but DAMN is it good eatin'.

On a totally unrelated note, this past thursday night I went to see one of my favorite bands, Flogging Molly, for the first time. I'd been wanting to see them SOOO bad and to finally get to was incredible. and they were god damn AWESOME. And Loud as hell. So loud that I couldn't hear right for a couple of days. I had an intense ringing in my ear. Like, really bad. ALmost couldn't sleep at night bad. And I was worried it was permanant. The last couple of years (Since I got into harder rock, and going to the Drag Races) my ears have started ringing anytime there's absolte silence. It's very slight, and I don't even notice it unless it's exactly silent. The slightest buz from a computer fan, or electric hum of a TV can drown it out, so it hasn't concerned me, except I worry that it'll progressivly get worse. So when the ringing was so bad it impeded with my ability to concentrate or sleep, I got scared, and worried I'd finally gone over the cliff.

BUT! HA HA! it's about 4 days later and my ears are back to their old ways, so WHEW! But I learned a very valuable lesson.


don't drive drunk.


Last night someone decided to spam 30 or 40 comments advertising online poker playing to this blog. So I am quitting enetation and switching to blogger comments.

So I lost all my old comments, but I was sick of going through and deleting spam all the time.

Yes, that's really all I have to say :P


Tastes like fried chicken

Come on, Arnold, Take off your shirt!!